July 18, 2009 blog

Got some wheel studs…

wheelbolts3Got some wheel studs today from www.rallydesign.com they are supposed to make it simpler and quicker to remove and refit the wheels, as you do not have to hold the wheel on whilst you move the bolt into position.

They are simple to fit, when you have the wheel off, insert the stud (the end with the lowest quantity of threads in first) where the bolts would of been its best to use some locktight so they do not come out when you remove the nuts. To get the studs in tight place two nuts on the exposed end so they touch, and using a spanner tighten the stud into the hub, to remove the nuts you use two spanners and turn them in opposite directions to loosen the nuts.

wheelbolts2 wheelbolts1 wheelbolts4

You have to do this twenty times on a e36 BMW due to each wheel having 5 bolts. I would of got them all done but it started to rain, and I only managed 2, So i finished off the rest the next day. The stud sticks out from the nut, I have done this as in the future so if I need to fit some spacers to widen the track, I do not have to swap the studs for longer ones. I could of got really long studs but these 60mm ones are perfect.

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