March 7, 2009 blog

Final push before the cage gets fitted…

The car goes to get its cage next week at a company called Speed Religion (no longer trading) this means that I need to have the car finalized, with the following done.
  • Inside the cabin everything removed
  • Brake servo removed from engine bay
  • Fusebox removed from engine bay
  • Sound deadening removed
  • Wiring loom removed.
  • Glass out (sparks from the welding mark the glass)
Speed Religion are going to remove the glass for me, and fit in my new heated screen (as I have removed the heating system if in the middle of a race the car steams up I need to be able to clear the front screen.)
Below are another couple of photos of the engine bay, please excuse the plastic bags that I have stuck over the holes, this is just to keep some of the water out of the main cabin, as the car is outside.

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