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Finale of the northern GT4 series 

Well it was not the season finale that we were hoping for.  Race 1 was a DNF due to contact with another car which broke the left side front radiator and also a rear puncture.

Race 2 was not the best result either as the car was retired at the pit stop due to a stone through the right side front radiators.

The team is off to Barcelona for a southern cup round, we will not be attending, but wish Bullitt.racing the best for the racing and let’s see if we return next year.

Looking forward to the resurrection of the Hyundai

Looking forward for the 23/24th of September to get back out and assist Hans Peter with the running of his Hyundai Accent.

After the last outing a little issue with big ends and lack of oil flow made a short qualifying session.

A new engine has been shipped in, and the first test to see if we have a strong engine will be at Jerez on the 23/24th of September 

Little jobs on the daily

So the check control light on the daily e46 was coming on more and more.  The bulbs though looked fine, if not a little dim.

A little research on the internet and we found a TSB from 2007 bmw na, saying that the earth to the rear lights would burn out. A little investigation and that’s what had happened.

A 11 cent connector was brought from the local car spares place, the existing earth cable cut and joined to the new connector.

Problem resolved and hopefully will stay fixed for a few years to come.

Zandvoort with a GT4 McLaren

So a wet weekend was forecast, we were at zandvoort with the McLaren GT4 but this was also the DTM weekend, so Audi, BMW and Mercedes were there in force.

Free practice was good the drivers were learning the track, pit stops were at 45 degree angle as the pit lane was tight with over 30 cars taking part.

We qualified well and at one stage we made it to p1 in class, the first race ended when we were pushed into the gravel by a non breaking Aston v8 Vantage, one new upright and a couple more new stickers we were ready for race two, again bad luck as a KTM made contact and broke a track rod arm, so two DNF’s next race is the 16/17th of September at the Nurburgring.

Slovakia, with the GT4

Well it’s an interesting place, at the door to the circuit there are reminders of the Cold War, a mig fighter jet, a tank and a missile launcher.

The weekend started with a change of a front side radiators as one had a small pin hole and it was best to change it before the practice sessions.

In the first qualifying stint the car found the gravel and this caused holes to be present in both the front side radiators so these were changed, but it meant we did not compete qualifying.

Race 1 was a struggle as we started from close to the back, (8 ktm cars got excluded so they were behind us).  But we finished.  Race 2 was another story a spin on one of the faster corners would of been fine but we were collected by a Porsche GT4 and this broke a rear tie rod, so race over.

Weekend in the heat, so evening/night trackday

Off to the anual pilgrimage to Cartagena circuit in Murcia, Spain.

We have set off from Malaga at 9:15am and hope to be there around 14:00, so off to the hotel to relax for a couple of hours.

At the circuit for 18:00 start of the evening track time, then a quick bit of food before the night track session starts at 22:00.

Tomorrow we have the racing starting early in the morning to ensure we have finished the qualifying and two races by 14:00 so we can start the long trip back home.

Look out for the race report tomorrow.

Price increases for loggers.

Racelogic and Race Technology have both not changed there prices for a few years, but with the Brexit and current exchange rates, both manufacturers have decided that they can not absorbe the increases longer.

To avoid these prices rises order your Race Technology loggers and pets before the 1st of July.  For Racelogic products you have one month longer order before the 1st of August.  Don’t leave it too late order before the price increases.

If you have any needs in the logging departments want to improve your times around the track, contact us and we can offer free advice, and help you chose the best product to improve your position on the starting grid. 

Hyundai at almeria.

So we had a packed one day at Almeria, where the regulations had changed to ONU allow Toyo r888 tyres too try and equal the field a little as before the tyre choice was free, and most used slicks.

Qualifying went well, we got the third fastest time so that put us in good stead for the first race.

After three laps on the first race we were in third position but then the car did not come around anymore.  Where was it? What had happened? After the race had finished Hans Peter was towed back to the garage where it was obvious to the driver that the clutch had gone.  But what was up with it?

A quick check indicated hydrolic failure due to no fluid in the system.  We borrowed some fluid from another racer and put a little in, pumped the fluid and saw that it was coming out of a solid pipe near the slave cylinder.  We could not get a new pipe (all others had swapped to a braided goodridge type hose) so proceeded to take off the broken pipe, and make a new flared end with a center punch and hammer.  The hastily repaired (bodged) pipe was refitted and the clutch blead, it kept the fluid in so 3 mins to spare we were on the grid, in pole position (reverse grid and due to us not finishing)

Second race Hans held on to first for a lap but went back to third, but by the end of the race he got back to second. 

No podium this weekend due to the first race dnf, but a solid set of points from the second race.  We can drop two races over the year for the final standings.  

Next stop Cartagena on July 9th.