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Gt4 – Brands Hatch, not the best outcome

So, the second round of the northern gt4 series was held at Brands Hatch and for once the rain held off (expectation was to have a wet weekend)

It was a condensed weekend as there was no running allowed on the Friday so free practice and qualifying was held on Saturday with Sunday hosting both races.

On the free practice the car started to get an issue with the gearbox selection, sometimes it would give a box of nothing, other times it would change up at innopportune monents (mid corner for example)

Overnight McLaren supplied a new gearbox loom and a new yaw sensor, for the first race we swapped just the yaw sensor, but Steve still had issues with gears when he was 3/4 through his stint.

The pit stop is where it went wrong for me, I got caught by the front wheel and taken out by the front splitter running over my lower right leg. So my race weekend was over I was whisked to hospital with a suspected broken ankle, x-ray showed it to be a fracture of the lower tibia, so out of action for at least 6 weeks.

The driver change was competed with me sitting on the side lines, but the car had to retire later due to the same gearbox issue.

Second race was started by Andy after the rest of the team managed with the assistance of McLaren to change the gearbox loom, but Andy retired due to the issue still been present and it was not safe to continue to race for him, or others around him.

Next race will be at the redbull ring in Austria, which there is a very high probability that I won’t be there.

Second round of andalucia copa

So the next round of the Hyundai Accent championship was to be held on the new Andalucía circuit (opened last year) its right next to the existing Almería circuit and ad Hans Peter had done the golf racing here last year we felt we had a slight advantage.

At the precious round we had some Michelin slicks, for this round we had the hard compound left, and some new Dunlop slicks that we were going to test with and possibly run in the race with.

First practice went well Hans Peter was lighting up all the sectors green and putting in great times, we decided that half way through the second test session we would switch to the Dunlops.  That’s when tragedy struck, Hand Peter stoped on track, initial thoughts were no fuel left, so we put in fuel after he had been towed back but the car would not start.  Standard tests fuel, air and spark were carried out and we had no spark, we tried new leads, crank shaft sensors, cam sensors, all to no avail.  At the last minute we checked the main circuit cutoff and noticed a wire on one of the ignition switches was loose, reconnected this better and the car fired up, just intime to get Hans Peter out on the track for the last part of qualifying.

The car qualified good and there was good battles in the first race, and we took second position. Due to the championship regulations the next race is a reverse grid, so we started second to last.  Hans Peter did a sterling job and waited for the right opportunities and found himself at the front of the pack.  We managed to finish this race first, and due to the fact another competitor has got the same results over the weekend (a first and a second place) it went down to lap times to see who had clinched the first place for the weekend, great news we had managed to get a faster lap time than the other competitor so we finished first for the weekend.  Next race at the same location (but the other track) on the 17th of June.

Heading home

After a very eventful weekend with the Bullitt Racing McLaren GT4 at Misano in Italy it’s home time.  Due to contact in the first race we needed to change a lot of the panels at the front and rear of the car, and some front steering parts, but also straighten the exhaust as it was off center and no spare available, luckily the McLaren support truck was available and we had spares available for the other parts that was needed.  We managed to get the car back together for the second race, there was contact again but the car finished the race and next race will be Brands Hatch.

No copa golf this year.

Well we were asked by one of the MRDC to look after there golf this year, but due to lack of entries he went and brought an Hyundai Accent copa car, and the first time he drove it (first time on slicks also) 

So on the weekend of the 25/26th of march we headed up to Guadix for the first race of the season.  We tested hard on the 25th so he could learn what the car would do, and also to understand the difference in handling a car running slicks is compared to the normal track day semi slicks he was used to. He managed a 2nd place in the first race, we only managed 5th in the second race due to contact made.  The car behaved faultless but there is a list of jobs needed as is always with a new car.

What are we doing in 2017

We will be assisting with the Marbella racing drivers club when they take on the copa golf, andalucia in 2017, this is 6 round of racing starting at Guadix on the 26th of march.

It’s going to be quite a busy weekend as Octanos 103 also normally do a evening/night track day before and mixed in with the racing there is also track time for the trackday driver.

With the second race of the year being at the new circuit andalucia (next to the Almería circuit) on the 23rd 

Yet again as is he style here in Spain a trackday is mixed in with the racing.

We will also be looking forward to the June trackday at Ascari,to which some drivers from the BMW kumho championship in the U.K. are hoping to make it down for that weekend.

And there is more to come. It’s going to be an exciting 2017.

New year, new towcar

So to welcome in the new year (towards the end of last year) we got a new tow car, the BMW x5 e70, only issue was there was no towbar on the car.

So today on new years day we have started to fit the tow bar (the car got it for christmas) now getting the bumper offers fun. That was worked out via various youtube videos being watched.

The only part left now is to code it, so that the car knows its there, and then it can commence its tow duties.

News for the 2015 Bmwrdc

For the 2015 Championship we will again be sponsored by Kumho Tyres, and we thank them for their support.

The main news is that we are going slicks & wet tyres for Class A cars, compound K80 for slicks and K21 compound for Wets. We hope to entice lot more new cars into Class A. Class B, C & 318s will remain on the treaded tyres. Again the classes will be split so Class A racing on their own with Class B, C & D 318is in the other race. The races will all happen over the same weekend and all the races will be double headers, 4 BMWs races in the weekend!! It seem to have worked really well this year and hope to see more new faces joining.

The other news is that the BMW Racing Drivers Club have booked a stand at the Autosport show in January, in the Clubmans Pavilion. We hope to see you at the show!

Silverstone this Sunday.

Looks like we will be at Silverstone on this Sunday (27th April) supporting Ian Henderson in his e46, 330i auto, where he will be racing with the MSR team trophy, if you are around drop in and say hi, the aim this time is for Ian to finish the race, without car complications.

Rockingham race report

Well it was an interesting weekend at Rockingham helping the Butler Motorsports maintained cars (two class A and one class B cars).  Friday started well with me picking up 3 genuine BTCC spoilers for the new 1 series cars that are due to debut at Snetterton next month, including a genuine WSR spoiler mounting bracket, but when I got to Rockingham one of the A class cars had broken a suspension bolt, so the driver was unable to finish testing and was off to get a replacement, the other class A car then went on to allow the clutch release bearing to break down, so I drove to Silverstone to pick up a new release bearing, and have the clutch plate spring replaced at the same time.  The team got this back into the car by the time we left Rockingham for the night.

Qualifying was uneventful with the two class A cars getting a 2nd and 3rd position on the grid and the class B car getting pole.

The actual races were all on the sunday, so we prepared the cars saturday night ready for the sundays races.  The class B/C/D cars were out first and our pole sitter did a blinding job of finishing first, but when in parc ferme complained that the clutch was feeling bad, so deja vu and I was off again to Silverstone to get another clutch assembly, and the team proceeded to put the car back together when I returned and we had about 5 seconds to spare, but the car was out again.

During my trip to Silverstone the class A race was run, and our cars finished 2nd and 3rd and had an enjoyable race.

Due to the new clutch the class B car jumped the start (and received a 10 second penalty that we needed to make up in the race, so with this information we were on the pit wall telling the driver to get a move on, and in the end we managed to get back the whole 10 seconds and actually win the race, so good result there.

The final race was the class A cars, it did look like rain so they were sent out with a wet setup but the rain never appeared, so their cars were a little more of a handful in the dry than the drivers would of liked, but they finished with the 2nd and 3rd preserved.

Next race is at Snetterton probably on the 300, on the 10th/11th May, see you there.

Points table updated after the first race weekend.

Drivers registered for 2014 Kumho championship

1Garrie WhittakerA60
2Colin WellsA40
4Colin WhitmoreA31
5Ian HillA22
6Richard BaconA40
7Darren FieldingA53
9Karl SkittA0
11Peter SeldonA1
12Mike HibbertA27
13Jim CannonA0
14Des ThreshA19
15Piers RossA13
16Peter MillerA0
17Michael TimberlakeA20
18Tom HibbertA30
19Tom WrigleyA51
21James CardA0
22Jason WestA0
23Don GriceA0
25Stephan LanfermeijerA0
26Jady JonesA0
27Nathan JonesA0
28Jamie CannonA0
29Kal EzzatA23
1Matt FieldingB60
2Roger LavenderB27
7Robert WilliamsB2
28Adrian GilbertB41
32Rodger CardB22
33Robert SalisburyB55
34David GriffinB51
36Dominic SurdiB34
41Stuart LawsB1
48Darren Morgan-OwenB10
54Robert AlmanC15
55Douglas SimmenC35
56Alan ThompsonC38
57Dave HeasmanC46
77Paul TraversC38
69James FordD20
70Greg MarkingD18
74Ralph KirkD0
75Ben BarnicoatD12
91Darren BecklyD14
3Stephen PearsonIn/a
24Mike CuttIn/a
73John JonesIn/a
80Rob BennettIn/a
The drivers table for the 2014 race season, the points that are gained from the races will be updated here, table is sortable, and you can also search for drivers using the search box. NOTE, this is not the official results, please see the BARC, or BMWRDC for them.